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Solve Your Problems With Indian/ Vedic Astrology - Learn The Facts Of Astrology From Pandit Vishnu Verma Ji

Are you looking for answers in your life? Do you want to consult a vedic astrologer to solve your problem and make your way to success in life? Pandit Vishnu Verma Ji is guiding people and solving problems so that they can have peace and happiness in life.

Before we tell you more about Pandit Vishnu Verma Ji and the benefits of Indian Astrology, let us see what astrology is all about.

Even for the pragmatic of people, there are enough unknowns and mysteries in the world to deny the play of fate, destiny, and a bigger power than all of us. This power decides, shapes, and revises our life’s path even if we don't know it. Even scientists have agreed that there are many unexplained phenomena in the world, and we are not alone in this universe. A way for our forefathers and ancestors to make sense of the life’s missions and understand the path and calling of a person on this planet was Astrology.

If you look at Astrology as a word, Oxford defines it to be “the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world”. Our ancestors believed that these movements had a significant effect on us, and by studying them in detail, we can take control of our life.

That is the belief and notion of Pandit Vishnu Verma Ji and his forefathers too. Practising the sacred art of Indian astrology and Vedic astrology for the last four generations is why today he is one of the best astrologers in London.

What Is Vedic Astrology?

Living in the western part of the world, we are sure you have seen your share of daily horoscopes in the newspapers, psychics on the televisions, and even fortune-tellers in the prominent sections of the society. They follow what is generally called as Western Astrology. So, what is Vedic Astrology?

Vedic Astrology or the Indian astrology is the astrological science practice by the sages from the Indian subcontinent that follows the path of celestial bodies such as the planets in a backdrop of the 12 prominent constellations, interpreting their effect on human life. Researchers and experts from all over the world have agreed that Vedic astrology is more accurate in predictions and in line with the scientific calculation of the constellations as well.

Pandit Vishnu Verma Ji, a famous astrologer in London, also details another reason why Vedic astrology has seen superior popularity and fame in comparison to the Western counterpart. He says, “A skilled and experienced Vedic astrologer studies the planetary movements carefully, interpreting and analysing every cycle. He then references the Vedas, the guiding texts for Hindus across the world to understand a person’s karma and hence the subsequent effect of the celestial movement on his life.”

Indeed, Vedic astrology is not random in any sense. Every calculation, every prediction, and every guidance provided is rooted in the Vedas and science itself.

To be the best Vedic astrologer in London or anywhere in the world, three things are very important: Skill, education, and integrity. The skill is needed to calculate the minutest of the celestial movement and correlate to the Vedas. Education and experience make one adept to the worldly ways giving the astrologer the tools to guide people. Last, but most important of all, integrity is what makes the difference. A Vedic astrologer is a guide for the world and must only do so with the best of intentions.

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How Do Horoscopes Work?

When it comes to Vedic astrology, the concept of a horoscope is quite different from that of western astrology. When people come looking for us as one of the best astrologers in London to give them some solutions to their issues, they are often shocked at the way we look at horoscopes.

As per Vedic astrology, the position of the celestial bodies when one person is born in correlation to the path of the sun forms the basis of the horoscope. After some very complicated calculations, a skilled Vedic astrologer like Pandit Vishnu Verma Ji can also predict the path to be taken by the bodies and sun in the coming future.

The path taken and to be taken by the bodies have an effect on our lives and this is known to be the destiny. The second part of horoscopes or Vedic astrology is the guiding principles set in the Vedas for mankind. Pandit Vishnu Verma Ji is a skilled Vedic astrologer in London with great knowledge of the Vedas. He then guides the people on the decisions to be taken regarding their destiny, and how it would affect them in detail. These can be business decisions, career decisions, marriage decisions, or financial decisions.

When Should We Consult An Astrologer?

Many people might tell you that if you are facing any trouble, you must look for an astrologer to help you. It is indeed true. When you are facing any crossroads, difficult decisions, or trying times in your life, you must surely look for the best astrologers in London and arrange for a meeting. Pandit Vishnu Verma Ji is a versatile, skilled, and one of the best Vedic astrologers in London. He has helped people with personal issues such as love marriage, marriage problems, divorce issues, husband/wife compatibility issues, career problems, business decisions, health issues, reuniting and getting your love back, and black magic removal too.

An astrologer is a guide for your life path. He can help you make all major decisions, under your past better, and take control of your life. Having an astrologer supporting you is a good formula to achieve success in life.

What Is Karma And How Does It Affect My Present?

Karma and reincarnation are two pillars of Vedic astrology. As we mentioned, Vedic astrologers in London and around the world use the basis of Indian astrological calculations and principles of Vedas to guide people who seek counsel from them. So, what is karma? How does it work?

Well, Karma is the sum of all fruits one may have gained during the previous lifetime. This is calculated based on the position of the planetary bodies during the time of birth at the place of birth. Based on this birth chart, usual astrologers in London and everywhere else will form many sub-charts and divisional charts to understand the life course. This is then compared with the dasas or planetary travels one has over the lifetime to gain an understanding of the previous birth.

Pandit Vishnu Verma Ji is one of the most popular astrologers in London and an expert in Karma analysis. According to him, one can ease a person’s suffering by understanding the karma set for them and tuning life course and behaviour accordingly. For example, if someone is meant to succeed only in business and not a job, then pandit Ji will advise them accordingly. Also, by matching a suitable soulmate for a person, their karma may be joined and altered beneficially. This is why our forefathers and ancestors believed that astrology and karma holds a lot of importance in our life.

Best Indian Astrologer In London

How Do I Solve My Problems Using Astrology?

Firstly, we understand you are going through a lot and are having second thoughts on everything. Vedic astrology is one of the oldest branches of astrology with many branches like prediction astrology, numerology, phonetic astrology, palmistry, omen based astrology, and remedial astrology.

When we are going through trouble in our life, everything feels confusing. We do not understand what happened, why it happened, or how to get out of a particular situation. Clarity is something that will solve 50% of our problems right away. Vedic astrology is one of the accurate types of astrology and Pandit Vishnu Verma Ji is one of the best and experienced astrologers in London. He can help you understand your past, analyze your present actions, and take you across the path your future may take.

He is a master at reading horoscopes, analyzing your past karma, and interpreting it for the best results in your present situation. Based on the analysis and teachings of Vedic astrology, he can provide solutions for any problem in life within 9 days. Consult him for all personal, health, professional, and black magic related problems for effective and immediate solutions.

As one of the best Vedic astrologers, Pandit Ji is adept at some of the best effective chants, prayers, and rituals. He can reunite you with your lover in 9 days and ensure you get your share of happiness and success in this life.

Pandit Vishnu Verma Ji - Best Indian Astrologer In London, UK

By now you must have understood that Vedic Astrology is extremely nuanced, complicated, and complex. Hence, you must choose the best astrologer in London to take care of your past, present, and future.

Pandit Ji is an acclaimed best Astrologer with over forty years of experience in this field. He has this gift as a fourth-generation astrologer from his forefathers in India. He has a proven track record of solving people’s problems no matter what the issue is and ensuring that they have a happy life ahead.

He is also a spiritual guide for many to fulfil their spiritual purpose in life. This is a calling for him and not just a business. He takes all issues personally and makes sure he can restore balance to the universe by solving all the problems.

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